UDD + Partners considered for Rockefeller Cultural Innovation Grant

Enrich, Inspire, Envision, Build

UDD and partners, Gaia Institute, Green Map and NYC Soil & Water Conservation District have been selected from over 400 applications for consideration of a Rockefeller Cultural Innovation Grant.  Without question we are excited about our project.  In short we will employ technology, data and design to solve one of NYC’s environmental challenges – Clean Waterways.

Innovation is our mantra, and once again we’ve assembled an awesome collaborative team to disrupt the traditional often stagnant methods of research and problem solving.  As part of our team we have a rather famous yet modest patent holding scientist,  a world leading civic activist, a powerfully knowledgeable policy adviser and of course yours truly linking us all through data.  Our mission, produce working iconic public infrastructure for the good of all citizens.  In this case it will be part park, part water, part remediation, part community science lab, part community extension – our goals are lofty yet attainable.

To achieve our goals as the CIF 2010 poster suggest, ENRICH, INSPIRE, ENVISION, BUILD we’ll be  seeking you!  A  are a proactive partner / citizen, hacker, student, mom, marine biologist, economist etc. We want you to get involved and help in solving an acute urban problem, waterway access and local water quality.   We hope to report back in the near future with good news of our funded official project launch!

For more see our Water Now Post for a preview.




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