Our aim is to assist our clients in improving quality of life and user experience across physical and digital platforms. As a research and design consultancy, we incorporate data into the decision, policy making and design processes through analysis, visualization, actual programming and design. We connect the dots operating at various platforms; public to private, and digital to physical, making concrete connections to spearhead positive and effective change.
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UDD  Urban Water Hacking + Innovative Devices

UDD Urban Water Hacking + Innovative Devices

UDD participated in a collective Water Hackathon at the Parson Design and Technology Lab, hosted by Internet of Things and Ushahidi.  The goal put our collective minds together and hack a robust low-cost water quality monitoring device. We worked with …

Why Detroit Matters

Why Detroit Matters

This week at UDD we’ve been confronted with that nagging design question,  is North America lagging behind the rest of world in its ability to address pressing problems creatively?  The history of design, as our unnamed colleague put it, as